Quality uPVC Windows & Doors in Hampshire & Aldershot

Evolution Windows specialises in the supply of top-class uPVC windows and uPVC Doors in Hampshire & Aldershot.
We provide you with an extensive range of stylish home exterior options.

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uPVC Windows

uPVC windows with Double or remove secondary glazing and replace with Triple glazing.

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uPVC Doors

Take a peek at what Evolution Windows can lead you to with front, back, patio & French doors.

We use: Rehau & Tritec frames and Kommerling uPVC windows & uPVC Doors.

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Why uPVC?

Low Maintenance

A simple wash with soapy water will keep uPVC frames looking new for decades.

Long Lasting

uPVC is naturally resistant to moisture, atmospheric pollutions, mould, and mildew.


uPVC windows have heat-resistant properties. They are weather-resistant as well as noise resistant. The material offers strong resistance to air, water, and storm.


Another way uPVC windows and doors are made secure is by installing impact-resistant and burglar-proof glass in between the frames for the best results.


uPVC window design incorporates a sealing system with the result that these windows offer increased thermal and sound insulation.

Good Ventilation

Solutions such as trickle vents fitted to UPVC windows can help keep your home ventilated, giving you fresher, more pleasant air.

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